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Memphis Metropolitan Chapter Wins Best Fashionista Award at Charmette National Convention

Birmingham, Alabama played host to the 67th Annual National Convention of The Charmettes, Incorporated in June 2023. The theme of this year's sisterhood activity, constructed by National Convention Chair and MMC Chapter President, Demetrice Rufus, was "The Magic City Presents 'A Charming Fashion Extravaganza!" It featured fashions from all 20 Charmette chapters with each Chapter wearing its own identical attire. The award presentation was for the top 3 chapters with the best overall presentations.

In preparation for the event, a fashion committee was formed to brainstorm attire ideas for the MMC. It was decided by the committee members and approved by the chapter to don a skirted red pantsuit ( pictured below) accented by pearl adorned red hats and pearl earrings with silver heels as the finishing touch. The members also practiced and performed their "strut" to the aptly chosen song Brick House by the Commodores. The MMC sisters definitely showed up and showed out as they made quite the impression. The judges agreed and this earned the chapter the First Place Award!

This was the most anticipated event of the National Convention for some Memphis Metropolitan Chapter Members. The moment was encapsulated in the quote by MMC member Charmette Barbara Earle:

"We wanted to display our love and unity for our chapter to everyone in an upbeat and artful manner."

You see, for years, the Memphis Metropolitan Chapter sisters featured a singular fashion theme at National Conventions. They decided to present a united front for their small but mighty chapter. Let's take a glimpse back in MMC history to understand.

MMC Charmette Convention Fashion

These Memphis Metropoitan Charmettes are enjoying lunch in their monogramed Charmette Incorporated jackets with pins. This was one of the early convention "uniforms" chosen for the 2017 National Convention in Kenner, Louisiana. The outfit was a hit among their Charmette sisters.

Pictured below is MMC Charmettes attending a Sisterhood activity with matching Charmette Inc. shirts and white pants at the 2018 National Convention held in Tampa Florida. Notice the white Charmette hat worn that was also sold by the chapter at the convention.

We brought out the stars and stripes at Convention in Palm Beach, Florida in 2019 to make a bold statement in the left picture below. The ante was decidedly upped in Atlanta 2022 as we showcased a bling white Charmette logo jean jacket with red detailed Charmette lettered capri jeans and personalized Charmette themed Nike AirForce 1 shoes to the amazement of the convention attendees!

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